3905A Cadboro Bay Road Location


The Location – Cadboro Bay

Aerial 3905A Cadboro Bay


Cadboro Bay is a bay located on southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, in the Municipality of  Saanich.  Cadboro Bay takes its name from the first European vessel to enter the bay, the Hudson’s Bay Company schooner Cadboro. Before European settlers arrived, the bay was the site of a settlement called Sungayka, occupied by the Songhees people.

Today, the bay gives its name to the neighbourhood situated between the bay itself and the University of Victoria, bounded by the Uplands district to the south, Ten Mile Point to the east and the Queenswood neighbourhood to the north. At the heart of this neighbourhood is its English style shopping street, Cadboro Bay Village.

Cadboro Bay Village is a small but vibrant commercial area, only a 15 minute drive from downtown Victoria. With amenities that range from groceries and drug store, hair salons, a spa, gifts, cards and jewellery, cafes, restaurants, a pub, mechanic and gas, travel arrangements and financial services, Cadboro Bay Village offers a little something for everyone.





The Royal Victoria Yacht Club is located on the Oak Bay side of the bay, and immediately adjacent to the beach itself is Cadboro-Gyro park.